Is chelsea still dating dave salmoni

And she certainly doesn't hold back when it comes to celebrities.

"Paris Hilton is going on a goodwill mission to Rwanda," she once said on the show, in her trademark raspy monotone. "I do this." When the food arrives, she instructs me to hand her my plate.

Chelsea Handler settles into a back booth at the R D Kitchen in Santa Monica, CA, and wastes no time in perusing the drinks menu. Forgive me for jumping to conclusions, but this is Chelsea Handler, after all, the late-night talk-show host who has elevated the drunken tell-all to a highly lucrative art form via three ), sold-out comedy tours, and two hit cable-TV shows on the E! Who better to star on the cover of REDBOOK's first-ever "confessions" issue?

"Anything with booze in it, I love," I think I hear her say, but I'm not sure, with the saxophone blaring in the background. Sipping and spilling is what Chelsea does best — and I, for one, am an unabashed fan.

They were spotted in some crazy mood at the bars multiple time before couple of Years ago. network finale may have led her back to unfinished business.The stage was electric for Tuesday’s star-studded live finale of “Chelsea Lately,” but it was the rekindling of an old flame that set the room afire.I’ve heard some stories about the staff at the Marmont hating on Chelsea – apparently, she treats everybody like crap there because she’s Oh, and I interpret Chelsea’s comments about being “drained” from the travel as her really being “drained” from all of the partying she does. I still don’t get WHY she insists on motorcycle boots for formal or professional events.Here are some new photos of Chelsea yesterday at the E!

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They seem to be serious – serious enough that he came to the Time 100 event as her official piece (the header photo is from the Time 100 event). it drained me from my career, it drained me from my work. It was just stress.” The couple dated for “nine months” until November 2011 and rekindled the flame several months later.

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