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By Sarah Henry Photo by Naomi Fiss Bay Area internet startups are increasingly turning to technology to tackle social challenges, like homelessness and hunger, with the click of a mouse.

The charge for child abuse was made under Section 31 (1)(a) of the Child Act 2001, which provides an imprisonment for up to 10 years, or fine, or both, if found guilty.

KAJANG: A woman with four children were charged in the Magistrate's Court here today with murdering, causing grievous hurt and abusing three of the children, including a pair of twins.

No plea was recorded from Siti Nurraihan Ahmad, 24, for the murder charge after it was read out before Magistrate Nor Afidah Idris.

With regard to Sahl ibn Mu‘aadh, Ibn Ma‘een said concerning him: He is da‘eef. ‘Abd ar-Raheem ibn Maymoon was also classed as da‘eef by Ibn Ma‘een.

Abu Haatim said: His hadith may be written down but may not be quoted as evidence.

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