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The questions are many, but you know the truth, right?You can marry at any age, as long as both of you are in love. Can you really marry at any age, as long as you’re truly and deeply in love with each other? Unfortunately, a successful marriage takes more than just true love to succeed.So irrespective of whether you’re eighteen or twenty five, ask yourself these questions. Getting married is a commitment that’s beyond sharing popcorn and watching movies, or going out for dinner dates.And if you’re unsure of even one of these pointers, it’s probably not the best age to get married, for you or your partner. ] You really have to consider all these options before getting married, or you may end up in an unhappy relationship, or worse, destroy yourself physically and emotionally. While your life doesn’t really change after marriage, a marriage brings with it a sense of financial responsibility.

There are many ways for your partner to show their love to you, such as telling you “I love you” regularly and the reasons why.

When you’re in a relationship (or just starting one), you may wonder how it will progress, and how to express that you care.

While some may think that having sex or saying "I love you" are the ways to bring love into a relationship, love is not just words or physical intimacy.

Reading people’s cues, communicating openly, and spending time with the new person in your life will prepare you for turning a casual meeting into a real relationship.

The average age to marry is unique and different across the world. And how can you ever tell if you’re too young to marry?

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