Wpf listview selecteditem not updating

Just when the collection changes (add/remove items) will the listbox be notified. If your IItem implementation is being provided by your database then you have to use whatever mechanism your database code provides to allow you to inject property notification into the objects it creates (I personally use Castle Dynamic Proxy to do this with NHibernate).The alternative is to create a wrapper for each of your data models in the viewmodel and add that functionality yourself.Right now listview Selected Item will update only if the user's click on a row is just outside the textbox.If I click the textbox or type in it, the highlighted row stays the same and no Selection Changed occurs for the listview.As it does not seem like you are changing properties, but rather items and notifying the Items Source, a better route would be to implement an IObserver/IObservable interface.This is a little more simple and it keeps updating tidy and manageable inside of the models own class. I believe you will need to add an even to handle the selection changed to your code.

In the same way, a sub-kind of selected item is displayed on 3'rd List Box and 4'th List Box. Regardless of Selection Mode (Single, Multiple, Extend), Selected Items of 3'rd List Box have all items I have selected. Is Virtualizing="False", Is Synchronized With Current Item="True", But I cannot find solution. Items Source of my List Box is Observable Collection as you see above.

I had to add in a couple lines because the previous item was not getting unselected protected void Select Current Item(object sender, Keyboard Focus Changed Event Args e) Thanks so much!

now i searched for 2 Days why my Binding does not work. I Want to bind the Selected Item to the Code-Behind.

1'st, 2'nd, 4'th List Box do good, But 3'rd List Box have error. I'm sorry I cannot serve all behindcode and ~ xaml.

Currently, to make a this function, I use detour way. All items that I select is accumulated just in "lb Loaded Items" I'll consider more your recommendation. You're setting the reference to the object Item List to a new instance, rather than updating the items on the list that WPF is already hooked up to.

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PS: This is just a prototype so please concentrate on the Problem and not on the style of programming : P Thanks for your help UPDATE / Solution / Fixed ... I found the reason why the selection does not Change at all ...

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