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These devices are the right size for little hands to handle them, and the touchscreen’s easy for tiny fingers to manipulate.A few months ago I was filming an episode of BBC legal drama Silk – the episode is on Wednesday night.Once you have the images or video clips you want, you can put them in the order you like, add special effects, and pick one of the specially curated playlists as your soundtrack.Once you’re happy with the video, you can instantly share it to Facebook and Instagram, and send it via text.However, find the right balance and tablet technology can actually be beneficial for both parents and their offspring.Just don’t expect the kids to always learn something There are widespread fears that children’s educational and emotional development is being damaged by digital culture.

It's not as cheap as a regular i Pad: since the i Pad 2 arrived in 2011, this has consistently cost £399 for the entry-level model at each release, but at £499 the extra capabilities seem reasonably priced.There is a 5K Retina i Mac available now for 00.There is a new, thinner, more powerful i Pad Air 2. Apple just announced a brand new tool that is going to take your Instagram game to the next level.Clips, which will be available to download on i Phones and i Pads next month, is a free Apple app that lets you create insanely cool-looking videos in seconds — no film experience needed.

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They did a pretty good job of showing off amazing photos taken with the i Pad and somehow, people using their i Pads as photographic equipment without looking terribly awkward. Mainly because, if enough people start using their i Pads to take snapshots it will start to look normal.

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