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I am reading the link you posted and trying to wrap my head around that ATM, though - thank you again.

@pnuts - Beyond [excel-2010] being the de facto standard by which I gauge all of my contributions, I wanted to avoid direct association with pre-xl2007 Office clipboard behaviour which I did not test [email protected] Getrost - Turning calculation off can certainly help by avoiding reiterative calculation cycles that are subsequently (and redundantly) recalculated. Even a non-volatile formula would suffer if it was usin full column references and values in those references were changed in a loop; e.g. Cut Copy Mode property performs and how the official documentation wrong implies that you can turn it back 'on'.

Screen Updating = False start Time = Time Worksheets("Sheet1").

I'm having issues with a workbook not changing view to a newly unhidden/activated worksheet in-between toggling screen updating from off to on and back off again - it's not actually refreshing the screen.

change value in C4 and somewhere else either does nothing at all or it does the opposite of what you think it does. Cut Copy Mode is False then setting it to True does not turn on the 'dancing border' and if the current state is either xl Copy or xl Cut (Xl Cut Copy Mode Enumeration constants), setting . When you manually cut (Ctrl X) or copy (Ctrl C) one or more cells on the worksheet, the cells will acquire a 'dancing border'¹ that indicates the source of the operation. Cut Copy Mode is non-zero (either xl Copy or xl Cut) and a relationship between subsequent paste operations and both the Office clipboard and Windows clipboard exists in that they are retaining the content of the source.

The long story starts with understanding just what purpose the Application.

You won't be able to see what the macro is doing, but it will run faster.

I am curious because this appears to me as a good way to explain [email protected]: Thanks for your explanations.

Formula ' See also Formula Array and Formula R1C1 etc ' Instead of: Sheet1. There is however a slightly faster (and less typing) method.

More often than not people would use an If, Else Statement to test whether a condition is TRUE or FALSE.

Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic 'to reset all formula calcs before deleting source Main Wrk Bk.

Paste Special Paste:=xl Paste Values, _ Operation:=xl None, Skip Blanks:=False, Transpose:=False Application.

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