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What drew me to was the unusual depiction of a close circle of Jewish and Muslim friends.

Bound by their common experience as Persians from refugee immigrant families, their loyalty and affection transcends religious difference.

Over the centuries, Persian Jews survived a succession of upheavals—the Arab-Muslim conquest in the 7th century CE, the Mongol invasion in the 13th century and the establishment of Shiite Islam as the state religion in the 16th century, resulting in restrictive laws and harsh conditions for Jews and other religious minorities.

Along with these times of marginalization, exclusion and persecution, the Jews also experienced periods of coexistence and integration.

Through it all, they managed to maintain a strong sense of communal identity and a vibrant cultural tradition, which was influenced and enriched by their surroundings.

Now a special exhibition, “Light and Shadows: The Story of Iranian Jews,” on view at the Yeshiva University Museum in New York City, provides insight into the fascinating history of one of the world’s oldest Jewish communities.

I'm a full time student, my communities representative, Poet, Gentleman, I love my Lakers, Dodgers, and Cowboys. Like most guys in my position, I never planned on being a full charge single parent.

CHAPTER TWO Splendid Deception There is perhaps some peculiar suppleness, some inherent flexibility in the Iranian character which has enabled it to withstand shocks which would have sent more rigid people reeling or would have broken their national spirit.

I am struggling to come up with another such microcosm of intense Jewish and Muslim friendship on television, or in any other medium.

If you can think of one, please post it in the comment section!

The show depicts Iranian-American (Persian) singles partying and shopping their way through LA and Las Vegas in the highest of styles.

Critics have focused on ravaging the shallow stereotypes of the Persian community, and decrying the predictable glitz and hyped-up drama of reality shows.

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