Updating safari browser

If you encounter user account control (UAC), input your admin user name and password to proceed with the installation.

Once the installation has completed, you may be prompted to restart Safari for the update to take effect.

This update comes to you just a week after Adobe Systems released Adobe Flash Player for Mac and Windows with security fixes for critical vulnerabilities, some of which could lead to information disclosure and arbitrary code execution.

If you haven't updated Adobe Flash recently, you may see the message, "Flash out-of-date," when attempting to view Flash content in Safari.

But unfortunately, Apple Software Update couldn’t download and install safari update as it supposed to do, so having known new version of Safari released, just go to Safari page and download and install latest version of Safari.

Click "Update."Now find where your Safari update has hidden itself and click "Accept." Don't bother with the first three places you were going to look, because it's not there.

Go through the exact same steps you did for Safari.

If a Safari update is available, a notification will display that New software is available from Apple.

Check the Safari check box in the list of available updates, then click the Install button.

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You can always configure Apple Software Update to check for Updates for daily from Edit, Preferences and selecting ‘Daily’ in ‘Schedule’ tab.

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